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Working hours and area of operation

I live in Woodford Halse. I am happy to travel everywhere up to Banbury and Daventry, up to 30 minutes from my home address.
Working hours 9.00-18.00 Monday- Friday,  Saturdays on request.

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to my practice

I recognise the importance of looking after our feet, walking miles and bearing loads in every day life.
In my practice I am aiming for a cost effective, professional service.

Podiatry doctor examines the foot in Woodford Halse.

Your feet are in Good Hands.


Foot Health Practitioner

I am a certified, registered Foot Health Practitioner.

A foot health practitioner is a health professional qualified to provide routine foot care and maintenance for your feet and who also treats certain foot/nail problems.
I will assess the condition of your feet and treat as appropriate or refer you to the GP if necessary.
 I will advise how to look after your feet.

We work in a COVID-19 safe environment 

Image by Jan Romero


  • cutting and shaping toe nails

  • reducing callus (hard skin)

  • removing corns

  • reducing thickened nails  

  • verrucae (warts on feet) 

  • ingrown toe nails (except nail  surgery)

  • cracked heel

  • treating fungal infection on the skin and nails

  • toe nails after trauma (hit, squashed)

  • medical pedicure (complex care of the foot including all treatments mentioned above (except advanced verrucae) needed to leave feet in healthy comfortable condition and preventing the development of feet health issues)​

  • diabetic foot care

Image by XPS

Visits and prices

In the comfort of YOUR OWN  HOME, at a convenient time for you.

 A full medical history will be taken at your first visit, followed by a thorough assessment of your feet.
 We will then discuss your treatment plan  and advise on maintaining  foot care between appointments.


Basic foot maintenance with nail cutting and reducing callus takes max 45 minutes, longer visit time depends on the problem discussed at the moment of booking but not longer than 1 hour.
Medical pedicure 1 hour - 1 hour 20 minutes.



- toenail cutting with removing average callus - £25 - £30  
 ( depending on a feet/ nails  condition)
- one of the following problems on the visit: corn removal,  treating nail after trauma, ingrown toenail, reducing thick toenails and/or thick callus - £35
- advanced verrucae treatment, each visit - £32
- wound assessing and redressing - £25
- medical pedicure - £35-£40
- cracked heels - £35 - £40 (first appointment, price of the second appontment, if needed, agreed during  the first one )
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