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Foot health treatments in Woodford, Halse


In the comfort of your own HOME, at a convenient time for you.
A full medical history will be taken at your first visit, followed by a thorough assessment of your feet.  
We will then discuss your treatment plan and advise on maintaining foot care between your appointments.

  • cutting and shaping toe nails

  • reducing callus (hard skin)

  • removing corns

  • reducing thickened nails  

  •  verrucae (warts on feet) 

  •  ingrown toe nails (except nail  surgery)

  • cracked heel

  • treating fungal infection on the skin and nails

  • toe nails after trauma (hit, squashed)

  • medical pedicure (complex care of the foot including all treatments mentioned above (except advanced verrucae) needed to leave feet in healthy comfortable condition and preventing the development of feet health issues)​

Additional Service - cutting finger nails
I also offer aids to reduce the impact of toe deformation, and advice on products for treating existing problems.
Treatment Prices
Improve your feet
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