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Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Callus – is larger area of thick skin created as a result of skin defending to prevent damage from pressure (shearing).

Heels are the places where building callus is expected as they meet the ground first when we walk. Too thick callus can be easly reduced at home using pumice stone or high grade file, if you can reach your feet.

To prevent building callus in verious places of the foot we need to avoid badly fitted footwear (too small, too narrow arround toes, too big), walking bear foot, putting too much weight on, as weight bearing leads to faster callus production. The reason for multi-layered callus (resembling a skin growth in one many parts of sole) can be hyperkeratosis which is skin disorder.

Foot Health Practicioner can remove excess callus by filling or by scalpel technique. It will not disappear on its own. To slow down building callus foot needs to be moisturizeed what elasticates skin. Where is callus there corn can appear.

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