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VERRUCA ( WART on feet) are caused by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus)

This virus can be contracted by skin to skin contact – a touch, sharing things with person infected by verruca (like towels), shared facilities. Causes rapid skin growth which results in a build-up of keratin. A wart has got ‘’cauliflower appearance’’ but after closer inspection black flecks are visible. They are small dried blood clothes on the ends of capillaries. Verruca can be mistaken with corns so determine which one it is a top of the skin lesion has got to be removed. A wart can disappear on its own but if does not should be treated seriously as may lead to enormous growth of infected tissue , spread on various parts of a body, particularly palms and leave as the only option of elimination a surgical removal. There are various methods of treatment available. We should be starting from the least invasive for the skin. Home remedies do work in some cases but when self- treatment fails professional help is needed. Humans with supressed immunity are more susceptible to any kind of infection so taking supplements for strengthening the immune system is highly recommended. To be able to avoid infection HPV on swimming pool verruca socks or any other footwear should be worn, palms and feet covered with a product blocking virus.

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